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In which stores is the PURE Program active?

The PURE Program is available in all stores of POPLEY in India. Please refer to Store Compass for the same.

How do I become a member?

Please click here to know the eligibility criterion.

What are the privileges of becoming a PURE member?

Please click here to know the eligibility criterion.

Will my older transactions be taken into account for my Glitter calculation?

No. All transactions after you receive the PURE Membership Card, will be taken into account for your Glitters calculation. This will include the first transaction on the basis of which you have been given the card. However the Old Sales invoices has helped you get a FREE Membership Invitation to the PURE Program. Please refer to Glitter 2 in PURE Eligibility.

Will I get Glitters for purchases made outside these cities? Can I redeem Glitter in any store?

You can accrue from stores all over India and redeem them at any Popley Stand alone store (not shop in shops)

Can I transfer my Glitter to another card?

Glitter can be clubbed within the Main & subordinate cards but not transferred to another member.

By mistake, we have got 2 cards, one for me and one for my wife. Can we merge the two cards?

Yes. You can merge two cards. You have to send the two cards to the PURE Desk in Mumbai.

Can my friends and relatives shop using my PURE Card?

Yes you are welcome to refer your friends & extended family members to use PURE.

I want to register a complaint / give a suggestion. How can I contact you?

You can mail us here
Click here for the address

How do I change my address?

Click here and fill the form. A PURE representative will call you to confirm your address before the change is made. You can also fill the Change of Address form and give it to our PURE Team.

How do I get my updated Glitter status?

Click here and fill the Glitter Status form. You can also call our PURE Team on +91-22-66710000 or simply fill in a Glitter Status request online here

How much time does it take to update my Glitters? Can I redeem my Glitters, which I have earned in the same transaction?

It takes 7 working days to update your Glitter. No, you cannot redeem your Glitter in the same transaction in which you have earned it. So if you have shopped for Rs.15,000 and earned 150 Glitters, These 150 Glitters can only be redeemed in the next transaction.

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